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Versatile Wood Tray for Flexible Use

Our Versatile Wood Tray for Flexible Use is a must-have for any home. Made from high-quality wood, this tray is both durable and versatile. The simple and elegant design makes it perfect for serving breakfast in bed, snacks on the couch, or cocktails at a party. The unique wood grain patterns and natural finish add a touch of warmth and character to any dining or entertaining occasion. Whether you’re hosting a formal dinner or a casual gathering, this tray is the perfect choice.

ITEM #: 060407

Dimensions:  L:38.8X27.5X4.5 CM
S:33X23X4.5  CM

Available in small or medium



Introducing our beautiful Acacia Wood Serving Tray, handcrafted from the finest Acacia wood. Acacia wood is known for its durability, strength, and beautiful natural patterns, making it the perfect material for a sturdy and elegant serving tray.

Our stackable Acacia Wood Serving Tray is not only practical but also environmentally friendly, as it is made from sustainably sourced Acacia wood. This means that your purchase helps support responsible forestry and contributes to the conservation of the natural environment.

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